Paul Lewis,

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Great! You have made the right step in seeking information about your scheduled, pending or already completed exam.

            Healthcare is a team effort and that team includes you!

In general terms, let me first explain the radiologic team you may encounter.

     - Ordering licensed healthcare professional - prescribes the indicated exam

     - Radiology technician - the professional who positions you and obtains your images whether it be a
        radiograph, ultrasound, CAT scan or MRI.

     - The Radiologist - the physician who has specialized in interpretating
        the obtained images. Prior to your exam, the radiologist may modify,
        reduce or sometimes expand your study as deemed clinically
        and/or radiologically necessary.

        These three players are all focused on the most valuable player - you!

With that brief and rather simplified explanation of the team involved, please allow me to direct you to some of the best resources on the internet to learn more of your upcoming exam.

         How safe is radiation? - gain an understanding of the doses, risks and benefits of radiation use.

         Track your radiation dose(s) (pocket size) - the impact of radiation is collective, follow your exposure.

         Test/treatments - gain further understanding the modality (e.g., x-ray, CT, MRI, etc) of your upcoming test.

         Radiological procedures - understand your upcoming or pending radiological procedure.

         Glossary of radiological terms - define the words that you may have seen in your radiological report and are
           new to you.